Local Business Marketing

Grow your Business

With our viral marketing system we will build you a list of potential local clients 

Viral marketing

We use viral draws to tempt potential clients to sign up to your newsletters.

Facebook Ads

Use Facebook ads to super charge your client list

Social Share

As well as signing up to your lists users will also share your brand across social media

No Contracts

No long term contracts cancel, pause or resume campaigns at your convenience

What is Viral Marketing

Viral email marketing is a system that can be a real asset for your business that can help you to attract new customers as well as tempt your existing customers to spend money with you more frequently.

With my system, I will quickly build you a large email list of your customers and potential customers and then turn that list into extra sales for you.

This system is ideal for many businesses including but not limited to the following:

  • Pubs/Restaurants
  • High Risk websites (CBD/Vitamins)
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Hair Salons/Barbers
  • Online Stores
  • Fitness Studio (Gym/Boxing/Martial Arts etc)
  • Computer Stores

How Viral Marketing Works

Firstly we’ll offer a prize of your choosing, for example free meal and a bottle of wine, hair products or a service you offer. But we recommend you also use a prize related to your business. I’ll then create an attractive looking entry page for the draw

Local Business Marketing

You publish the draw to your social media or target specific areas where you want people to see the draw. Once people see the draw they must give you their name and email address to enter the draw. That adds them to your email list.  But that’s not all… then the magic of the system happens…

Once they’ve entered, they then see a page like this…

Local Business marketing

This gives them the chance to get more entries in the draw (and increase their own chances of winning the prize) by sharing the draw online on Facebook, Twitter etc.  Most people want to increase their chances of winning and so use the button to share the draw. This causes the viral effect because people share the draw which means more people enter the draw which means more share it… and so on.  And each person who enters is another person on your email list that you can promote your products and services to month after month.

Over time, your database will continue to grow, becoming an even more powerful asset, tempting even more local people to your business.

How much does it cost?

With my full done-for-you system, I not only set up your viral prize draws but also look after the monthly management of your email list and the sending out of your newsletters. This includes all of the following…

  • Set up of your first prize draw with my Viral Prize Draw Software
  • Set up of the standalone website landing page which hosts your prize draws. This will have its own domain name relevant to your business.
  • Set up of your email list system. This is a paid for service, but with my Done-For-You system, all costs are included.

With my Done-For-You system, your initial setup is included at no extra charge.

Fully Managed Monthly Newsletters

There is no point building a large email list of your customers and potential customers and then not sending them anything and so we also includes the creating and sending of a newsletter each month. You will need to tell me what you want to include in the newsletter of course as you know your business far better than me, but we design an attractive looking newsletter and send it for you each month.

If you already have a newsletter system on your website our newsletter will remain separate as we need the viral functionality. But you can import new contacts into your newsletter system.

The cost per month is €50.00 and covers a list of up to 500 people. When your list grows above that figure and so is even more profitable for you, your monthly cost will increase by €25 for every 500. So, ongoing costs for a list of 501 to 1000 people will be €75, 1001 to 1500 will be €100 etc etc.

The system is fully GDPR compliant. Users will have the option to sign up to your newsletter when they enter the draw. This is actually of great benefit to your email list. Those who sign up for your newsletter are genuinely interested in your products and services and thus are way more likely to engage and purchase your products and services. It means your newsletter system is not over populated with users who were more interested in the free giveaway rather than your services.

There are no long term contracts and you can cancel or pause/resume your campaign anytime you like

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