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Social Media Videos

Take your Social Media and engagement rates to another level by introducing social media videos to your social platforms. Videos on social media can up your engagement rates by up to 48%.

We offer a range of social media videos for small businesses at a very affordable rates. Our videos are between 5-8 seconds and cost €14.99. Price quoted is for videos using free stock images and videos or your own images and videos. 

Premium stock videos/images will cost extra but in most cases we can source high quality free stock images. 

Social Media Videos that work! 

5-8 secs vidoes are the optimal time for effective video marketing. In today's busy world people don't hang around. The longer your video plays the more potential clients or customers you lose. After just 10 secs you will already have lost over 20% of your audience. Our videos are short and to the point and get your message conveyed in 8 secs or under. Perfect for advertising sales or services on your social media platforms.


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