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Web Design Ireland

Website Design Ireland

Stop overpaying for your websites

As awesome as joomla or other CMS platforms are not everyone needs one. For example if you're a tradesman such as a painter or a plumber how often are you going to blog or send newsletters? The answer is probably never. So why are you paying all that extra money for nothing? Or more to the point why are other designers charging you for their shortcomings.

Because that is exactly what happens. A large portion of designers are 100% dependant on editing wordpress templates as they don't know how to code. Wordpress is their only option and you are footing the bill for a wordpress website you don't need. Wordpress websites are larger than standard static websites and use more bandwidth therefore you are paying more hosting costs annualy. On top of that they are more expensive to setup and many of them are clunky and are bogged down with lots of useless code. Joomla and wordpress websites also need to be updated regularly so you also have the hassle of having to update your websites plugins or paying a web designer to do it for you.

If you don't intend to make many edits to your website then a standard HTML website is a great option for you. Our standard websites start at €320.00 for up to an 8 page website. Little or no maintenance is required. No updates are required and all sites are fully SEO optimised. Plus we will deliver a full SEO report with your website.

If you are unsure whether a standard website or a CMS system is the best option for you please feel free to get in touch and we will answer any queries you may have

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