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Viral marketing Benefits

Viral Marketing Benefits

Its effective and affordable 

Starting at €50.00 per month viral marketing is very affordable compared to some other forms of advertising. SEO for example will cost you anywhere between 400-1000+ per month with no guarantees of success. PPC marketing although effective can run into hundreds or even thousands of euro per month. 

Emails emails emails

If you want to build a long term relationship with clients or potential clients then acquiring their email address is a priority. In the modern world of GDPR acquiring emails is even harder. Viral marketing is one of the best ways of building a large email list of your customers and potential customers. 

Having a strong email list is of great benefit to your business. Keep in regular contact with clients, inform them of upcoming events,  old or new services you offer or provide them with discount codes.

Is Viral Marketing for everyone?

The key to viral marketing is offering a prize that is relevant to your audience. For example if you run a gym and you are offering a free fitness classes then its a safe bet that the majority of people entering your draw will have an interest in fitness or are looking to lose weight so the people who sign up are more likely to engage and become clients or make a purchase. If however you are an electrician or plumber and offer a prize such as a cash prize or mobile phone then people will enter solely for the prize. You are still getting your name and brand out there but the newsletter list is less likely to convert to sales.

Is it GDPR compliant 

Yes when users inside the EU enter the draw they will have the option of opting in to your newsletter as is required by GDPR legislation. 

How does GDPR effect the newsletter list

It means a certain percentage will choose not to opt in and your newsletter list won't be as large as it might be. It does however mean your list is populated with more relevant users who are more likely to use your services or make a purchase when you send a newsletter. If they decide they are not interested enough to sign up its very unlikely they would commit to a purchase.


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